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Together with Green Collect, Dolium® has developed a recycling programme for Dolium® kegs.
With this programme you can experience the convenience of Dolium® kegs, and then simply return the empty kegs in special big bags.
After collection by Green Collect, Dolium® reuses the keg parts. The PET is reused in other industries. In short, an environmentally-friendly programme.

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Dimensions per bag95 x 70 cm
Approximate height (5 bags)15 cm
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The minimum number to be collected is 100 Dolium® kegs. One big bag can hold 28 kegs of 20 litres and 18 kegs of 30 litres. Collecting the Dolium® kegs is your and/or your customers’ responsibility. This also applies to making an appointment to have the kegs collected.
You can order a maximum of 5 big bags at a time.