Fermentis SafBrew™ LD-20 levure 500 g

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Fermentis SafBrew™ LD-20 levure is the perfect choice for the production of very dry and neutral lager beers with reduced residual sugars.

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Type de levureFermentation basse
Emballage500 g
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Fermentis SafBrew™ LD-20 levure consists of both Active Dry Yeast and enzymes and allows the production of beers containing the same level of alcohol with a reduction of up to 20 % of carbohydrates, including dextrins. This results in a lower residual sugar and carbohydrate content. The yeast can achieve vigorous fermentation in many different fermentation conditions, even at low temperatures, without defects and with high fermentation rates of up to 100 %.


  • A combination of a strong lager yeast strain with a precisely selected enzyme;
  • This enzyme breaks down complex carbohydrates, including polysaccharides like maltotriose – which yeast alone isn’t able to;
  • The amyloglucosidase (AMG) processes all complex carbohydrates, so up to 100 % of the sugar can be fermented by the yeast;
  • 100 % attenuation produces a dryer beer and stronger alcohol content when using the same wort;
  • Depending on the desired beer, it is possible to reduce the sugar content up to 20 %.

We advise to read the full product information beforehand at Downloads (the Technical Data Sheet).


Type de levureFermentation basse
Emballage500 g