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  • Sugar prices
    Find out more about the current situation of the sugar market and the reasons for increased sugar prices of both sucrose and glucose syrups!
  • Efficiently searching for an analysis certificate
    How to download a certificate from our database.
  • Malt Crop Reports
    Download and read the Malt Crop Reports from 2022 from 5 of our biggest malt suppliers.
  • Price increases
    Due to various market developments, we are currently facing price increases from several suppliers…
  • Update European hop crop 2022
    Read more about how the 2022 weather conditions impacted the hop crop.
  • Malt prices UK maltings
    The new malt prices for January-December 2023 are known for the UK maltings from our range.
  • Holland Malt Cropsheet ’22
    Download the Cropsheet 2022 from Holland Malt. Find out about the barley, malting and brewing results.