A few months ago we announced that Lallemand will no longer be producing LalBrew Belle Saison™ 11g sachets. Now they have announced that they will no longer be producing LalBrew London™ Classic English-Style Ale yeast as well as the LalBrew Köln™ Kölsch-Style Ale for the foreseeable future. We understand that this news may raise questions. Therefore, we would like to explain it further using the statement we received from Lallemand.

Why is Lallemand stopping production?

The main reason Lallemand is stopping production is the declining demand for both strains. Combined with the technicalities and care needed to produce and dry this specific Kölsch yeast, has led to this decision. The discontinuations will allow more agility in production to introduce new innovative strains in the future and help prevent back orders of the strains rapidly growing in popularity.

Alternatives for LalBrew Köln™ Kölsch-Style Ale yeast

  • LalBrew Nottingham™ High Performance Ale: a neutral ale capable of fermenting at temperatures between 10 and 25°C will result in a very clean Kölsch. Nottingham has been a recommendation for Kölschstyle beer for decades on the Lallemand team.
  • LalBrew NovaLager™: a true lager yeast that doesn’t produce sulfur and very little diacetyland can ferment at temperatures between 10 and 20°C. This yeast will produce a very clean Kölsch with enhanced hop flavors and aroma due to the high activity of the beta-glucosidase.
  • Some customers were using LalBrew Köln for IPA style beers. For alternative recommendations they suggest checking ‘Best Practices IPA Solutions‘.

Also check out and compare the yeasts using the chart below:


Alternatives for LalBrew London™ Classic English Style Ale yeast

One strain has proven to be a clear preference in the market over LalBrew London™. LalBrew Windsor™ is also maltotriose negative and can be utilized to produce any stylessimilarly to London, but with a slight fruit flavor and aroma in the profile. It is a great choicefor classic English styles, low ABV beers and cider. Also see the provided comparison charts below.



The yeasts in our selection are all dry yeasts from established producers. Not sure yet which yeast to use? View all our yeasts here.

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