Ecolab® Chromol 6*500 ml

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Ecolab® Chromol maintains and protects stainless steel surfaces and leaves a shiny, protective layer that prevents re-contamination.

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Ecolab® Chromol is a stainless steel maintenance product. It removes fingerprints, water spots and other stains.

  • Clean – Protects stainless steel surfaces against water stains, dirt and fingerprints;
  • Safe – A combination of special oils forms a protective layer on the surface that prevents re-contamination;
  • Efficient – Treated surfaces are easier to clean.
Instructions for use

Always consult the product label and read the work instructions before use. Areas of application: for stainless steel and for cabinets, shelves, walls, lifts, panels of dishwashers/freezers, cookers. Do not use on hot surfaces and on surfaces where food is processed.

  • Before using Chromol, clean the surface with an all-purpose cleaner. For example the Maxx Magic2;
  • Apply a small quantity of Chromol undiluted to a soft cloth or spray it directly onto the dry surface;
  • On surfaces with grooves, such as extractor hoods, dishwashers, machines, lifts, etc., rub in the direction of the groove with a soft cloth;
  • Post-rinsing is not necessary.

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