Airlock with yellow cap

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The hose model airlock is the best-known airlock.

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SubcategoryBeer, Distilling, Equipment
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An airlock is similar to a siphon and is filled with a small amount of water. Even the water in the airlock can evaporate, so keep this in mind.

If you want to brew with a bucket, place the airlock in the lid with a rubber. The airlock has a diameter of 9 mm at the bottom. This type of airlock can be used when fermenting liquids up to 50 litres.

  • Classic model;
  • Yellow cap;
  • Plastic.
  • Length: 167 mm;
  • Width: 52 mm;
  • Depth: 23 mm. This is also the outer size/diameter of the yellow cap;
  • Diameter bottom side: 9 mm.
Points of attention

It may happen that the bottom of the airlock turns a little white. This is due to the carbon dioxide gas that comes up through the airlock. It is good to know that this has no (negative) effect on the airlock.

SubcategoryBeer, Distilling, Equipment