Bottle drainer with handle – 80 bottles

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Easy and hygienic bottle drying with this bottle drainer for 80 bottles.

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Bottle drainer with handle – 80 bottles

A bottle drainer (with handle) allows excess water to drip from washed bottles. This stand fits 80 bottles* from 25cl to 33cl. When using larger bottles, it is advisable not to fill the draining rack completely.

Is this draining rack just a little too big? Then the bottle drainer for 50 bottles might be a better choice.

TIP: For a soiled bottle, the universal bottle brush can be a great solution to get even the hard-to-reach places clean.


A big plus point of this type of bottle drainer, is that this specific shape allows a large number of bottles to dry at the same time in a relatively small area.

  • Plastic;
  • Stable base;
  • Handle;
  • 8 layers with 10 holders;
  • Modular. All layers are threaded, including handle and base.
  • The base has a diameter of 39.5 cm;
  • The draining rack is approximately 77 cm high.

* This product comes without bottles. Looking for bottles? Check them out here.