Crisp Flaked Torrefied Oats 25 kg

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Flaked Torrefied Oats will give a smooth, creamy mouthfeel to finished beers.

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SupplierCrisp Malt
Extract77,2 % EBC
Packaging25 kg
UsageUp to 25 %
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Flaked Torrefied Oats consist of husked oat grains that have been cooked at high temperature, resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm, and then flaked. They will give a smooth, creamy mouthfeel to finished beers.

The presence of oat husk can assist with wort separation, especially if the grist contains naked grains such as Malted Rye, Naked Oat Malt or Wheat Malt.

Torrefied Cereals

Torrefied means subjected to intense heat.

The process involves passing the grains through a fluidised bead of very hot air at 750 – 780°F. After 30 to 40 seconds the cell walls of the grain are disrupted and the grain expands. The density of the grain changes once it is cooked and it is blown out of the Cabot cooker. The grains are then aspirated to remove dust and chaff then sized and cooled in ambient air.

Did you know that Crisp Malt selection of non-malted cereals are made using torrefying and micronising techniques to gelatinise the starchy endosperm? This means the cereal doesn’t need to be pre-cooked before it is used in your mash tun. In addition, all of the flaked products don’t need to be milled either.


Un-malted cereals have been used in brewing for hundreds of years – barley, wheat, rice, maize, oats, rye.

Historically, raw cereals were used but they had to be cooked to enable them to be digested in the brewers mash. Early cereal cooking by grain merchants involved grains being passed through a stream of hot sand!

In the early 1970’s new processes were developed in the USA that allowed the rapid cooking of cereal grains which made them more palatable and friable.

Micronised Food Products was established in 1976 and produces micronised and torrefied cereals for the animal feed and brewing industries, the company was acquired by Anglia Maltings Holdings in 2005 and now comes under the Crisp Malting Group.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the flavour and aroma profile, and usage suggestions for Crisp Torrefied Oats:

SupplierCrisp Malt
Extract77,2 % EBC
Packaging25 kg
UsageUp to 25 %
Beer styleNew England IPA, Stout
StorageCool (<18ºC) and dry (humidity <70%).

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