HopShot® Herbal 1 L

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HopShot® Herbal is a late hop replacement and has a vibrant herbal character.

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HopShot® – General

HopShot ® is a product from Totally Natural Solutions, a specialists in the extraction of natural hop aromas and flavours. HopShot® is a flowable, natural 100% hop extract prepared from hop cones or pellets by innovative extraction and distillation methods.

HopShot® provides an easy to use, reproducible method of adding hop flavour to beer without the need to remove spent hop and associated beer losses! An addition of HopShot® gives a ‘late hop’ flavour as if pellets were added to the beer in kettle or whirlpool. That makes HopShot ® a late hopping replacement. HopShot® delivers flavours characteristic of the specific variety of hops from which it is prepared. The extract can also enhance pleasant existing flavours and mask some off-flavours in the beer.

Fully soluble

HopShot® utilisation is 80% if used in pre fermentation and up to 100% if dosed direct to bright beer. For more information, check out the PDF file at Downloads: HopShot® Overview Sheet.

HopShot® Herbal

HopShot® Herbal has a vibrant herbal character.