Hydrometer for beer

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This basic hydrometer allows you to measure the alcohol percentage of your brew.

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  • The values of this hydrometer range from 990 to 1100;
  • Calibrated at 20°C;
  • There are coloured markings on the scale as a guideline.
  • Length: 215 mm;
  • Diameter width: Ø 17 mm.

The protective packaging has a total height of 230 mm and a diameter of Ø 25 mm.

Points of attention

Carefully rotate the hydrometer once when placing it in the liquid, to remove any air bubbles that stick to the side. If this is not done, an incorrect measurement may be obtained.

Handle with care at all times, as the hydrometer is made of glass and thus sensitive to breakage.

SubcategoryAccessories, Beer