Tap PVC with counter nut

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Tap, including counter nut and rubber ring.

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This tap made of PVC is specially designed to be attached to the fermentation bucket. The tap comes complete with rubber ring and counter nut. With a high flow rate and an easy-to-use lever, you can easily dispense the liquid.

You attach the tap to the bucket, tighten the nut properly from the inside and then you can easily tap when you open the tap. The tap can be closed by the convenient lever. This says ‘open’ and ‘closed’. When you want to start using the fermentation bucket, you should therefore ensure that the tap is set to ‘closed’.

  • White tap;
  • Including counter nut;
  • Including rubber ring.

Length: 78 mm;
Height: 83 mm;
Width: 38 mm when the tap is facing forward. When the tap is ‘open’ or ‘closed’, it is 55 mm wide.

The counter nut has a diameter of Ø 17 mm on the inside of the thread, the outside has a diameter of Ø 23 mm.