Fermentis SafBrew™ DA-16 yeast 500 g

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Fermentis SafBrew™ DA-16 yeast is the perfect choice for producing very dry and flavorful beers, especially fruity and hoppy beers such as Brut IPAs.

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Type of yeastTop fermentation
Packaging500 g
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Fermentis SafBrew™ DA-16 yeast consists of Active Dry Yeast and enzymes and is also recommended for very high gravity wort, allowing a level of alcohol up to 16% ABV.

SafBrew™ DA-16 is an “All-In-1™” formula from Fermentis specifically for dry, hop forward, fruity beers. Not only efficient and practical under the influence of the selected yeast, but the yeast also enhances distinct hop characters and fruity esters. Perfect for making deliciously dry, fruity beers and amazing aromas, in different ABV levels.

SafBrew™ DA-16 SafBrew™ DA-16 yeast is not suitable for re-pitching or for bottle and keg conditioning.

Read the full product information beforehand at Downloads (the Technical Data Sheet).