Test cylinder for hydrometer

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This test cylinder is specially designed to perform measurements with the hydrometer.

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Test cylinder for hydrometer

A transparent test cylinder is the tool for taking measurements. We have included this plastic variant in our assortment especially for taking measurements with the hydrometer. Glass test cylinders can sometimes break, but this is much less likely with this model. The ‘glass’ is about 1 mm thick.

The test cylinder is completely transparent and has no measurement scale or suchlike. The test cylinder has a wide loose base. Because it is about 9 cm wide, the test cylinder stands very stable. After the measurement, the two parts can be taken apart for careful cleaning or sterilisation.

TIP: To clean the inside properly, it can be cleaned with the bottle brush.

  • Made of transparent plastic;
  • Consists of two separate parts, making it easy to clean;
  • No measurement scale.
  • Length: 258 mm;
  • Diameter width inside: Ø 30 mm.
    The material is 1 mm thick, bringing the diameter of the size to a total of Ø 32 mm;
  • The yellow base in which the cylinder is placed has a diameter of Ø 93 mm and is 20 mm high.
SubcategoryAccessories, Beer, Distilling